Writing Software

When I first attempted to write my 'Great American Novel' I was thirteen years old. I had a blank sheet of paper and a royal blue Olivetti Valentine typewriter. Inspired by John Knowles' classic A Separate Peace, I thought how hard could this be? For starters, I couldn't type a lick despite taking a keyboarding class where all the keys were blank, forcing you to memorize the position of letters on the keyboard. Well that didn't work so I hunted and pecked and went through a ton of correction paper. If you don't know what correction paper is, consider yourself blessed. You're too young to appreciate just how far the tools of writing have come.

Computers revolutionized everything. MS Word was a godsend. You mean I don't need correction paper anymore and you'll check my grammar AND spelling too? The ability to cut and paste also allowed for some pretty fancy editing. Then came the development of writing software. This was a game changer in terms of organization, research, and the ease of squeezing out word after word of beautiful prose. I've tried many different writing software programs, but I finally settled on one which I've been using for over three years now.

Storymill by Mariner Software is absolutely phenomenal and gets my endorsement everyday of the week and twice on Tuesday. It allows me to write in terms of scenes and then assign those scenes into chapters and rearrange the order anyway I like it. It's logical, simple, and has way more features than I will ever use. If you are looking to simplify your writing so that you can be more creative, I urge you to check out the Storymill package. Your Mac or PC will thank you.