Muted Autumn

I am relaunching my personal writing website on Thanksgiving Day 2013. As I sit at the kitchen table writing, the smells of the turkey cooking in the oven wafts through the house and conjures up remembrances of Thanksgiving's past. It's weird how a simple smell can take you back 30 years or more.

This time of year people start to reassess their lives and make goals for the upcoming year. For me, I've rededicated myself to the task of finishing my first novel. I started it years ago before the birth of my first child, but life has a way of altering the best laid plans. I put away the unfinished manuscript for far too long so I'm dusting it off and I'm determined to finish it in 2014.

I plan to blog about the experience; the exhileration, the pitfalls, and the many moments of doubt. Writing is deeply personal to me and at times tracelike. You can follow my rollercoaster journey here. Come along for the ride.